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Vital Defense Powerful Immune Support Formula
vital defense powerful immune supplement

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  • Vital Defense is a powerful immune support formula that may help enhance immune function by providing a potent dose of nutrients known for promoting a healthy immune response and supporting the body's natural defense mechanisms.*
  • Provides a powerful blend of highest quality, key ingredients that have been shown in scientific studies to help promote a healthy immune response:
  • Safe to take before and during times of illness*
  • Features Convenient, Easy-to-Use Daily Defense Packs in an All Capsule Form
  • 5 Daily Defense Packs per Bottle – See Suggested Usage for Dosing Information
  • For more information on how this product works, see our How It Works section

Brief Product Description

Biossential Nutrition's Vital Defense Packs are designed to support a healthy immune system response and support your body's natural defense mechanisms against infectious pathogens by providing key nutrients such as Ester C®, Opti-Zinc®, Beta Glucans, A.H.C.C.®, and Colostrum that have been shown in scientific studies and medical journals to possess powerful immune stimulating properties. Our proprietary combination of ingredients was designed to deliver results fast and get you back up and running as quickly as possible. The product may be taken during times of illness or as a protective measure anytime you feel the need for an increased immune response, such as when under increased amounts of stress or before traveling to places that may increase your risk of illness.*

Feel Better Fast With Vital Defense Packs!*

How it Works - Vital Defense Packs

Biossential Nutrition's vital defense packs work by providing the body with a powerful blend of nutrients that have been shown in scientific studies and medical journals to help support and enhance your body's immune system and natural defense mechanisms. Our formula contains the most potent blend of immune boosting nutrients available, and was designed to deliver results quickly.

Vital Defense contains the following nutrients, each of which are important for a healthy immune response and supporting your body's natural defense mechanisms against infectious agents.* Important information and the relevant research about each ingredient is provided below:

Overview of Nutrients In Vital Defense

Vitamin C as Ester-C®

Vitamin C is one of the top immune supportive nutrients for many reasons, including the fact that there has been more research about the immune boosting effects of Vitamin C compared to almost any other nutrient. Ester-C® is a unique form of vitamin C that is created through a patented, water-based process that combines vitamin C and calcium. Ester-C is non-acidic and should be well-tolerated by those who are sensitive to the acidic nature of ascorbic acid. Absorption efficiency and utilization of vitamin C may be greatly enhanced during times of physiological stress, such as trauma or infection.

Vitamin C's main role in supporting the body's immune system comes from the fact that it helps increase the production of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies, giving your body the defense it needs to help ward off pathogens. In addition, it also helps increases levels of interferon, a special antibody that coats cellular surfaces and helps prevent viruses from entering the cells.1,2

Vitamin C also has many other health benefits, as it is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants in humans. The antioxidant functions of vitamin C appear to have clinical significance in providing protection from free radical damage to the eyes, lungs, blood and the immune system. In addition, people who consume higher levels of Vitamin C in their diets have been shown to have lower rates of certain types of cancers, including prostate, breast, and colon cancer.3

Ester C®, a unique form of Vitamin C, is considered superior to the ascorbic acid form of Vitamin C because it is better absorbed and transported inside the body from cell to cell, offering numerous health benefits. The main benefit of Ester-C® is its quick absorption and 24-hour retention in the immune system.*

Health Benefits of Ester C®

Ester C® Provides 24-Hour Immune Support

In a recent clinical study of Ester C®, Ester C® was shown to provide increased levels of vitamin C inside the body for up to 24 hours. In addition, white blood cell levels of Vitamin C were shown to be elevated in subjects receiving Ester-C® when measured 24 hours after initial dose.4

Ester C® is Non-Acidic and Gentle on the Stomach

In a recent study, individuals with sensitivity to acidic foods were given one gram of Vitamin C as Ester C® or as ascorbic acid. Participants reported heartburn "significantly more frequent and severe after intake of ascorbic acid" and subjects rated Ester-C® as tolerated "very good" significantly more than ascorbic acid.5 If you have difficulties in tolerating Vitamin C as ascorbic acid, then Ester C® is a better choice for supplementing with Vitamin C.

Summary of the Health Benefits of Ester C®:

  • Ester C® remains active in the white blood cells for up to 24 hours*
  • Ester C® offers powerful, highly advanced immune support*
  • Ester C® is non-acidic, so it's gentle on the digestive tract
  • Ester C® contains naturally-occurring metabolites for quick absorption and maximum retention
  • Ester C® is so unique it's patented
  • Ester C® is backed by science

A.H.C.C.® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound)

A.H.C.C.® is a unique mushroom-derived extract designed to provide support to the entire immune system. As one of the world's most researched specialty immune supplements with over 80 supporting research studies, A.H.C.C.® has been used successfully to support a wide range of health conditions, from minor ailments such as colds and flu, to serious diseases such as hepatitis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.6

Scientific studies using A.H.C.C.® in animals and humans suggest that it has a potent effect on immune system activity, and may play an important role in supporting the body's natural defense mechanisms. In addition, studies have also demonstrated its important roles in helping support overall immune function, including during times of oxidative stress.*

Scientific research in vivo suggests that A.H.C.C.® supports the immune response against a variety of infectious pathogens, including the influenza virus (also known as the common flu), the avian influenza virus (also known as the bird flu), Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria (the bacteria that causes pneumonia), Candida albicans fungus (the fungus that causes yeast infections), Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria (a bacteria that can infect any part of the body), and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (a nasty bacteria also know as MSRA, which causes a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics). Most recently, A.H.C.C.® was found to boost a protective immune response specific to the West Nile Virus in mice, suggesting it may have an important role in fighting against infectious pathogens.7,8,9

Studies on mice treated with A.H.C.C.® prior to being induced the infectious agents above have repeatedly shown:

  • Decreased severity of infection7
  • Shortened recovery time7
  • Increased survival rates7

Beta 1,3 Glucans

Beta Glucans are important polysaccharides found in medicinal mushrooms that help enhance the body's natural immune activity. Research has shown that some of these medicinal mushrooms possess immune-supportive properties that may provide improved functional defenses against microorganisms.10,11

Beta 1,3 Glucans work by activating the functioning special protective cells used by the body's immune system called macrophages and T-cells. Macrophages have the ability to engulf and destroy foreign antigens, and also govern the body's immune system, helping initiating direct and specific immune responses. By stimulating macrophage activity, beta-glucans support the immune system by activating natural immune responses, rather than directly affecting foreign cells or entities.12,13,14


Colostrum is a special immune and growth promoting substance that is produced and secreted into a mother's milk only during the first 24-28 hours after giving birth. This special "pre-milk" is integral in providing a wide range of antiviral, antibacterial, immunological and growth promoting factors to the offspring. These factors include immunoglobins, transforming growth factors, and other compounds important to the health of the newborn.15

New research has shown that supplementation with bovine colostrum is able to positively modulate immune function and serve as a natural antibiotic in adults. Specifically, immunoglobins, including IgG, and other proteins such as lactoferrin contained in colostrum are thought to play an important role in this supplement's ability to enhance immune function and help our bodies fight infection.16,17,18

The colostrum in our formula is derived from cattle without hormone treatment and in conditions free of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (also know as mad cow disease). Bovine colostrum can be used in place of human colostrum, as it is accepted and transferable to all other animals, including humans.

Zinc as Opti-Zinc®

Zinc is an essential trace element that functions as an antioxidant and has many important health functions, including maintaining immune function, reproduction, healthy skin, growth, development, digestion, respiration, and proper brain, nerve, and vision function.

OptiZinc® is a unique, patented form of zinc bound to the amino acid L-methionine that dramatically increases the bioavailability of zinc. Researchers have shown that OptiZinc® is by far the most potent zinc antioxidant available as a dietary supplement.

Numerous studies support the fundamental role of zinc for normal immune response in humans. Immune system cells must be able to divide rapidly in order to respond to daily challenges and infectious agents. Like all rapidly dividing cells, immune cells depend on adequate amounts of dietary zinc. Therefore, an adequate amount of zinc is necessary in order for the body's immune system to work properly.19

More specifically, Zinc helps increase the production of white blood cells that fight against infectious pathogens, and, similar to Beta Glucans, helps these cells fight more aggressively. Zinc also increases T-cells that fight against infection and helps stimulate white blood cells to release more antibodies.20,21,22

Vital Defense contains Opti-Zinc® because it the highest quality, most absorbable and most potent zinc supplement available for providing all the health benefits of zinc supplementation.

Additional Ingredients

Vital Defense also contains a synergistic, balanced proprietary blend of other ingredients known for their powerful effects on promoting a healthy immune response. The combination of these key ingredients is what makes Vital Defense effective in supporting the function of the body's immune system.*


Bioflavonoids (also called flavonoids) included in the formula are potent antioxidants that help scavenge potentially damaging free radicals, and possess a synergistic effect with Vitamin C. These bioflavonoids have been shown to extend the nutritional functions of Vitamin C, making the Vitamin C more effect when taken together with the added bioflavonoids.23


Pycnogenol® is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants and free radical scavengers yet discovered, and its antioxidant activity is many times more effective than that of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Pycnogenol® helps reduces oxidative damage to vital tissues and helps maintain a healthy capillary system. Pycnogenol® enhances the effectiveness of Vitamins C and E and can be taken together with these vitamins for added benefit.24


Arabinogalactan is a dietary fiber that is important for the functioning of the immune system and for optimal health. Studies indicate that Arabinogalactan may help enhance immune response.25


Lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein with antimicrobial activity and is important for proper immune system health. Lactoferrin improves the functioning of immune cells when confronted with adverse conditions.26

Prebiotics and Probiotics

A proprietary blend of fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (probiotics) are added to the formula to help support gastrointestinal health and maximize the beneficial properties of colostrum.27


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Vital Defense Product Reviews

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Vital Defense FAQ's

Q) When should I take Vital Defense?

A) As a dietary supplement, adults take 1-2 pack daily with food or as directed by physician. Not intended for children. Taking a total 5 packs typically provides effective results, however more packs can be taken if desired.

You can take Vital Defense anytime you feel you may be exposed to illness such as viruses from co-workers, when at social events where you may be at increased risk of exposure to germs and viruses.

If you are currently sick, you can begin Vital Defense right away, and continue taking all five packs until finished.

Stop taking Vital Defense and contact your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction or if your condition continues to decline.

Who should not take Vital Defense?

A) Vital Defense is not recommended for children. You should always consult with your health care professional before beginning any dietary regimen.

Q) Are there any clinical studies supporting the usage of Vital Defense?

A) Vital Defense is a synergistic combination of proprietary blends of nutrients. These nutrients, such as Ester C, A.H.C.C., Colostrum, and Beta Glucans have clinically proven results in many studies related to their important roles for healthy immune function.

For more information on how these ingredients work and the clinical research behind these nutrients, please see our How It Works section

Q) Are there any side effects from taking Vital Defense?

A) There are no known negative side effects. Most people who have tried Vital Defense noticed a quick and lasting improvement in their state of health.

Try for yourself, and see if Vital Defense can help boost your immune system when you need it the most.

If you have a question that has not been answered in our FAQ's, please feel free to contact us and ask!

Suggested Usage - Vital Defense Packs

Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, adults take 1-2 pack daily with food or as directed by physician. Not intended for children.

Taking a total 5 packs typically provides effective results, however more packs can be taken if desired.

Supplement Facts - Vital Defense Packs

vital defense immune support supplement facts

Other Ingredients: Cellulose, Gelatin (capsule), Vegetable Stearate, and Silica. This product contains NO yeast, gluten, soy protein, sodium, sugar, artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavoring.

Quality Assurance Statement - Vital Defense Packs

quality assurance logo

This product is manufactured in a world-class facility that follows strict Standard Operating Procedures and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and is compliant with state, federal and world-wide regulatory bodies, including NSF GMP registration. The laboratories are ISO 9001 certified and 17025 accredited.

At Biossential Nutrition, we pride ourselves in offering the best products available to our customers. Providing only the highest quality products and individual ingredients, as well as ensuring our products are effective and work as advertised, are the mains goals we strive to achieve with our exclusive product line.

Each ingredient in our products is hand-picked and well-researched to ensure that:

  • The ingredient is contained in the proper amount and potency in relation to other nutrients in the formula
  • The ingredient amount is safe, effective, and does not have the potential of toxic buildup inside the body
  • The ingredient is presented to the body in an all-natural form so that the body will actually absorb and utilize the ingredient. The body accepts nature, so that is why we use all-natural forms of individual ingredients instead of synthetic man-made forms, which are not absorbed very well by the body. We only want to put ingredients inside our products that will actually be absorbed, otherwise it is a waste of your money.
  • The ingredient is effective in promoting a particular area of health in synergy with other nutrients in the formula
  • Each ingredient undergoes raw materials testing, including purity and potency testing, for yeast, mold, and microbiological integrity in accordance with USP28 standards
  • The synergistic effect of each ingredient allows the product to work as advertised

Please read over our About Us page for more information on how we develop our products, and why our products represent the best vitamin supplements your money can buy.